Are you suffering with the negative effects of a CONCUSSION?

Do you worry about that hit in the head and wonder if your headache will ever go away? Are you feeling depressed or anxious? Are you feeling slowed down, drowsy, having trouble sleeping? Has it become too challenging to read or work on your computer? Is sensitivity to light or sound making it more difficult to function in your daily life activities? Are you experiencing balance or vision problems? What about that uneasy feeling of brain fog, memory loss, or lack of attention? Perhaps close friends and family have made comments that you just don't seem to be the same person anymore; almost like your personality has changed. Are you feeling angry and frustrated and unsure what may be going on with your health?

There is HOPE!

Imagine feeling like YOU again, no longer needing prescription drugs for depression or anxiety. No more nausea, vomiting, or those debilitating headaches that just won't go away. No more sensitivity to bright lights or sound. Imagine getting back to your daily routine. No more balance problems, dizziness, or vertigo. Once again you will be thinking clearly and have the ability to focus and make decisions. No more feeling angry, frustrated, and unable to participate in life's activities. You can return to play, both in life and on the field. Family and friends will be thrilled to have the "old YOU" back again.

If there really is a solution, why haven't you found it yet?

You may have been to your doctor for your concussion symptoms but wonder why aren't the prescriptions helping. And you may wonder why you are still struggling with those headaches, nausea, loss of balance, vision problems, loss of memory...loss of "YOU". You have done everything the doctor told you to do - take pills, rest, pray - yet everyday continues to be a struggle. Perhaps you have resigned yourself to thinking that this is just how it's going to be!

The SOLUTION is...

to work with a health care provider who truly understands the complexities of concussion symptoms and will provide proven, safe, and effective brain-based therapy to get you back in the game. You need a trusted resource who truly understands your pain, fear, and frustration. We sympathize with your inability to live life the way you enjoy. You need a professional that has the education and experience to get you back in play. We have helped many others just like you recover from concussions. They have regained their life and vitality and you can too. It's important to understand that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! The symptoms of concussions do not just go away by themselves - taking a proactive approach is key.


We are your #1 trusted resource for concussion recovery. Dr. Kort has been helping others for over 10 years who have suffered the effects of concussions and can help you too. As a downhill ski racer growing up in Colorado, Dr. Kort has experienced the pain and agony of concussions. He too struggled to return to the sport that he loved. That experience propelled him to study concussions and traumatic brain injuries and become an advocate for those needing help.

Give us a CALL TODAY (503) 625-5678 and get back in play.

Be well,

Russell J. Kort, D.C.
Chiropractor Physician